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Generate English Subtitles Online With Translation & Summarization

Transcribe YouTube video or files with high accuracy and download subtitles in various formats such as SRT, VTT, and Text.

Why Choose ListenRobo ?

Fast and Accurate

Experience the efficiency of rapid transcription without compromising accuracy

Supports 92 Languages

Accurately transcribes audio in over 85 global languages for wider accessibility.

Privacy and Security

Your privacy matters to us, all transcriptions are stored securely with AES encryption.

Translation Option

Accurately translates transcripts into English for greater global accessibility.

Summary Generator

Condense hour long transcription into minutes

Shorten lengthy audio and video transcriptions into concise, easy-to-digest summaries. Our intelligent summarize tool analyzes full transcripts to capture key points, insights, and actionable takeaways, saving you valuable time from manually reviewing and summarizing extensive content.

Translate transcription / subtitles for Global Reach

Translate audio or video content into English with ListenRobo's advanced translation capabilities. Whether you need to understand recordings in other languages or make your English content accessible to a global audience, our translation feature can seamlessly convert the audio into accurate English transcripts.

Transcription Translation

Subtitles Downloader

Transcribe and download subtitles in the format of your choice

Translate audio and video content into high-quality subtitles and download them in the format that best suits your needs. Whether you require SubRip (.srt), or WebVTT (.vtt). Our subtitle generator ensures compatibility with various media players, video editing software, and platforms, making it easier to integrate subtitles seamlessly into your workflow or enhance the accessibility of your content.

Why Adding Transcriptions Is Essential

SEO Optimization

Boost your content visibility on search engines. Transcriptions contribute to improved SEO by providing search engines with valuable textual content, increasing the discoverability of your media.

Enhanced Accessibility

Make your content accessible to a broader audience with transcriptions and subtitles. Improve comprehension for all viewers, including those with hearing impairments, and enhance the overall inclusivity of your content.

Boosts Content Engagement

Capture and retain audience attention more effectively. Transcriptions and subtitles enhance engagement by providing a multi-sensory experience, ensuring your content is easily digestible and memorable.

Education and Learning Support

Facilitate effective learning experiences. Transcriptions and subtitles assist learners by providing a textual supplement, reinforcing comprehension, and aiding in the understanding of educational content.

Content Repurposing

Maximize the value of your content. Transcriptions enable easy repurposing by providing a written version of your audio or video, suitable for blog posts, articles, or social media snippets.

Global Reach

Break language barriers and expand your reach worldwide. Translations and subtitles make your content universally understandable, enabling you to connect with audiences globally.

What our Customer says?

Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee

ListenRobo is the best speech to text tool ever. The accuracy is awesome and makes transcribing lectures and interviews super easy. The translation and summary features are also really helpful for my content work. A great tool that has made me way more productive.

Gianluca Rossi
Gianluca Rossi

This app has really streamlined things for me at work. The meeting transcripts are clear even with background noise. Voice to text is reliably accurate. And quickly summarizing long docs is a nice perk.

Elodie Lemaire
Élodie Lemaire

I recently started using this tool for classroom lectures and it does a great job accurately transcribing complex material. Such a helpful resource for students.

Raj Malhotra
Raj Malhotra

Taking notes during meetings used to be such a struggle. I'd either have to furiously type and miss important details, or just focus on listening and have incomplete notes. This transcription software solved that issue entirely. Now I can just record the meeting audio and get a full, accurate transcript to refer back to later.

Nikolai Ivanov
Nikolai Ivanov

As a journalist, manually transcribing interviews was a huge hassle - incredibly tedious and time-consuming. But this speech to text tool has made that process so much easier. The accuracy holds up well, even with multiple speakers or background noise. I no longer waste hours on transcription and can focus more on the actual writing.

Amelia Zielinska
Amelia Zielinska

The AI transcription capabilities are truly impressive. The interface is intuitive, transcriptions are generated quickly, and the features are extremely useful for handling large workloads efficiently.

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